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1976, 199 minutes (edited version), on Disc 2: Films of the Ceremony


This 1976 film was made by Ian Dunlop at the invitation of Marrakulu clan elder Dundiwuy Wanambi. Both of these men speak extensively through the film.

This ceremony was held on Marrakulu land and was primarily initiated and organised by Dundiwuy and Mithili Wanambi, senior Marrakulu clansmen. People of other clans also played an extremely important part. For example, Bokarra of the Manggalili clan was the senior son of the senior Marrakulu woman of her generation. As such he acted as manager, ensuring the proper performance of his mother's ritual. Most importantly, leaders from the Rirratjingu clan, Wandjuk Marika, Roy Dadaynga Marika and Jacky Milirrpum Marika, played pivotal roles in the ceremony. (The 2002 Djungguwan was performed in honour of the latter two of these men.) This ceremony was a celebration of the Law of the two Wawilak Sisters, a memorial for the dead and an initiation for the living.

Djungguwan at Gurka'wuy is not just a film of a ceremony but much more: it tells us what the land means to Dundiwuy; it shows the connection between people, clans, song, dance, art and land.


Film and mini documentary excerpts from the Ceremony DVD

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