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Djungguwan "Law Ceremony", Yirrkala 2002.

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2002, 87 minutes, on Disc 1: Films of the Ceremony

In Djungguwan -Speaking to the Future the clan members who lead the ceremony are Wanyubi Marika of the Rirratjingu clan, and Wukun Dennis Wanambi of the Marrakulu. They are very concerned about the threat western culture poses to their culture and their children, especially the negative influences of drugs and alcohol. They wanted this ceremony recorded so that their children would be able to see it, understand it and perform it in the future.

In this film the preparation of the ceremonial poles and artefacts in the men's camp is no longer restricted as it was in the previous films. Here we see Dennis and Wanyubi singing and painting the story of the Wawilak Sisters. When the poles are completed, there are five days of ritual held at the ceremonial ground in the community before the poles are finally carried out and erected on the ground. Here they act as a reminder of the law and of two men, Jacky Milirrpum and Roy Dadaynga Marika. Boys, men and women paint their bodies with traditional designs. At the men's camp, the boys are initiated into the law. The final part of the ceremony is led by the women as they weep in memory of the two men.


Film and mini documentary excerpts from the Ceremony DVD

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