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This mini documentary explains the role of the Djungguwan ceremony in Yolngu culture. The ceremony plays a key part in strengthening Yolngu law and social organisation. It also provides links between generations within the community.

Djuwalpi and Bakamumu Marika give personal insights into the power of ceremony as they recall what it was like as young boys to go through the Djungguwan, how they were scared and frightened at being taken away from their mothers. They also outline the law that is handed down and interpret it in Christian terms.

The three ceremonies, covering over nearly forty years, give the audience an insight into processes of continuity and change. Although all three are Djungguwan ceremonies, each is a unique event. We also see continuity and change in the role of individuals: the young boy from 1976, Wanyubi Marika, has become the leader in 2002.