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"Painting up" for the Djungguwan "Law Ceremony", Yirrkala 2002.


In eastern and central Arnhem Land two creator women, the Djan'kawu Sisters, gave birth to the first children of the Dhuwa moiety. Another pair of ancestral sisters, the Wawilak, laid down much of the law and ceremony for those children to follow.

As they travelled through Arnhem Land the Wawilak Sisters hunted, gathered food and made camp like the Yolngu of today. But like all ancestral beings their actions took on a creative and land-transforming nature; and as they travelled they sang, naming and thereby giving meaning to the country and everything upon it. They created great ceremonies like the Djungguwan through which they taught the first ancestral people of this country, the Djuwany, the sacred and moral law which has been handed down to this day.


Film and mini documentary excerpts from the Ceremony DVD

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